Administratie & Accounting


Administratie niets voor u?
HEDA Consulting neemt het van u over zodat u zich kunt bezighouden met uw andere taken.

  • Facturen boeken
  • Debiteurenbeheer
  • Onkostennota’s opstellen
  • E-mail beheren
  • Reizen regelen
  • … en nog zoveel meer …

Niets is ons te veel!

Of u uw volledige administratie uit handen wilt geven of u wenst op weg geholpen te worden, wij voeren uit waaraan u behoeft heeft!

 Boekhouding & Accounting BE/NL

Indien gewenst nemen wij naast uw administratie ook uw volledige boekhouding/accounting uit handen, zodat u nog minder stress ervaart.

Niet alleen regelen wij uw administratie en uw boekhouding, maar wij geven u gaandeweg ook gratis advies! Alles zit in de service inbegrepen!

 Financieel Advies

Multinational? KMO met hoge waarde?

Wij geven u met alle plezier financieel advies op topniveau.
Onze partners (behorende tot de hoogst aangeprezen accountants van Europa) helpen u hierbij verder!
Meer informatie nodig over de historiek van onze partners: neem een kijkje hieronder:

M&A and valuations

We created several financial models for company valuations and we were involved in numerous merger deals, demergers and acquisitions for medium size groups. Our work was merely focussed on financials, due diligence, structuring, financial engineering, taxation, legal and contractual aspects.


As we started our career as a young accountants and later became Chartered Accountants, understanding financial statements, GAAP and IFRS has always been helpful throughout our professional life.


We plenty of circumstances, taxation plays an important role. At any stage, project, structure or transaction we have been highly involved in domestic and international taxation. Not only corporate income tax but also personal income tax, VAT, estate taxes, etc. are part of my knowledge.

Company Law

Today we have experience in both civil law jurisdictions and common law jurisdictions and the way companies operate and function in many jurisdictions. We have guided plenty of shareholders agreements, legal formalities, company secretary and incorporations in many jurisdictions.

Estate planning

Over the last 5 years, estate planning has been more prominent in our activities as I guided several (ultra) high net worth families with their family charter, tax planning and estate planning.

Wealth management

During our time in Mauritius, we ran a Family Office which focussed on (ultra) high net worth families and was involved in portfolio/money management, investment strategies, risk management and private banking. We are an active traders in Options.


Both as a consular judges and as chartered accountants, we guided many bankruptcies or restructuring processes from a legal and financial perspective. Some engagements were done on a project basis.

General Management

As we ran own company for 20 years with about 15 to 20 employees, we were responsibility for the general management, human resources, financial management, strategy, sales and growth of the firm.